Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Plane Proposal

Thinking of ways to propose to one's girlfriend has to be one of the most exciting yet stressful phases in a man's life. She could say yes or no. Will she like the way I proposed? Will she like her ring (if it is a surprise)? The list goes on. After hours of thinking of different ways to propose, my family came up with an amazing idea that I could not pass up: The Plane Proposal. My Aunt Lori's amazing friend, Gail, is a pilot. He offered his plane to help with the proposal. I jumped at the opportunity! For three weeks I have been very careful not to reveal the intent of the airplane to Anne. I told her that we were going on a double date with my Aunt and her friend (The Pilot). However, Anne seemed a little suspicious. A date in a plane after all was a little out of the ordinary.

Two days before the big "couples date," my mother, Aunt, siblings, and I constructed a 150 foot sign saying: MARRY ME ANNE?! After the sign was completed the gang decorated my little car with hearts, car paint, and Anne's favorite flowers, lilies. As we were decorating, my nine year old little brother Devin said, "Ryan, you better keep all of the receipts just in case Anne says no!" We all laughed, but he did have a point.

The big day came. Anne and I, accompanied by my Aunt, drove to the small Chandler Airport to meet Gail, the pilot. With Anne's hand in mine, we took off onto the most memorable flight our young lives. Our romantic route took us over Canyon Lake and sharpest point in Arizona (Keep in my mind that Anne is expecting me to propose). After about 30 minutes I could tell she was getting a little restless, especially when Gail purposefully made the plane do a quick dip, making us both a little queasy.

She was not the only one who was a little restless! My stomach was growling for having not eaten breakfast or lunch, my palms were sweaty, heart pounding, mouth dry, hands shaking . . . well, you get the picture. The whole process must have been rehearsed in my mind over a hundred times; I kept checking my pocket to see if the ring was still there. With the plane heading back to the airport I made preparations to propose.

The pilot guided the plane over a large field saying, "What is that down there to our left?" We all made our way towards the left side of the plane, and looked down. Anne clearly saw the 150 foot sign: "MARRY ME ANNE?!" She also saw my family dancing along side it. Tears of happiness soon started streaming down her face as I got down on one knee. After telling her why and how much I love her, I asked, "Anne Elizabeth Brenden, will you marry me?!" To which she replied, "YES!!" Soon everyone in the plane was in tears. Yes, the pilot too.

After safely landing and taking pictures in front of the plane Anne and I made our way towards the parking lot. To her surprise she saw my car that was decked out with hearts and a "Just Engaged" sign on the back (My mother dropped off the car after we in flight). With tears streaming down her face again we drove to her favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot, and celebrated our engagement.

The entire evening could not have gone any more perfect. I am the luckiest man alive because I am marrying the woman of my dreams. I am also happy that I did not have to follow the advice of my nine year old brother by keeping the receipts, for Anne said, "Yes!!"

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